Exercise Equipment Review

VP1000 Vibration Trainer

The advertisements for the Vibration Trainer machine suggest that any exercise that you do on it will be made that much harder by the high frequency vibrations. This machine is said to increase the workout intensity of even the simplest motion. These vibrations make the muscles contract and stretch without the brain having to be engaged in the exercise at all. Whether or not your brain gets into the act, this is a whole-body exercise that improves muscle strength as well as increasing flexibility and balance. Any motion that makes you work harder on balance will automatically work the body's core in addition to other muscle groups for the exercise giving an added bonus.

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An included workout guide leads the user through an efficient and effective workout routine that includes abductor stretches, lunges, calf raises, push ups, abdominal twists and much more. Once the user is more confident in their abilities with this machine, the workout can be adjusted and adapted to give a more varied workout and to focus on the muscle groups that they would like to target for the day.

The VP 1000 Vibration Trainer features a dual motion pivot system with 20 separate levels of intensity including five preset workout times. There is a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds for this exercise machine. The warranty for this exercise machine is five years for the frame, one year for parts, and one year for related labor.

The recommendation for the Vibration Trainer is no more than ten minutes per session for beginners and fifteen minutes for advanced exercisers. The machine should be used two to three times per week as a supplemental cardiovascular workout routine.

The concept of vibration training is not new. Russian cosmonauts used vibration training machines in the 1960s and everyone remembers the vibrating belt machines that have been parodied and lampooned in many television shows and cartoons. While those belts certainly looked silly at the time, the Vibration Trainer is a lot more advanced in both its thinking and methodology. First, you do not simply stand there while a giant belt vibrates you; rather you stand on a plate while high frequency vibrations are sent throughout your entire body. Even standing there, you will have to engage your core muscles to maintain your balance. The more you work your core, the stronger those muscles will become. When you add movement and stretches to the vibrations, even more muscles will be engaged.

The average review for the vibration trainer has been mainly positive with many people saying that after they got used to the feeling of the high frequency vibrations, they enjoyed using it as part of their regular workout routine. It should be noted that this machine is not intended to become a replacement part of your workout, but rather as a supplement to your existing or updated routine.

The bottom line for the Vibration Trainer: As part of an established workout routine, this machine can give additional core training benefits and may challenge the balance of even the seasoned exerciser.