Exercise Equipment Review

Are Weider home Gyms the Best Around?

The enormous popularity of Weider home gyms is largely down to the alternatives... the hassle of going to the gym after work or trying using free-weights in a cluttered garage or basement. The ability to work out where and when you feel like is why home gyms are used more consistently than gym memberships.

Weider is a name that is synonymous with strength training and bodybuilding in general. Its reputation as the industry leader in strength training equipment makes Weider home gyms a sure and sensible choice. With hundreds of gyms on the market, it's still a brand that stands out from the crowd for quality and effectiveness.

Weider have been around for a while! And they've designed a fairly extensive range of home gyms catering for different needs and budgets. It goes without saying to do your due diligence and research as many Weider home gyms as you can... as well as other brands.

If you're buying online it's important to remember that the listed price usually won't include shipping, which for a home gym can be up to $150. It's no more expensive to buy online because the product usually retails for less, and you'll still have to pay for transport on the high street. Just don't expect to make a massive saving over the Internet -- it's more for convenience.

The latest innovation from Weider is the Crossbow. This home gym is similar to the much publicized Bowflex only half the price. It uses steel rods to provide the resistance rather than an iron weight stack and has some promising advantages over traditional home gyms...