Exercise Equipment Review

The Ab Away Pro -- A Consumer Favorite

AB away pro

Of all the ab machines, the Ab Away Pro receives the most positive reviews from its users.

If you've read some of our other articles or done some research yourself it's clear that most ab machines are either loathed or loved. The comments I've read and been sent are nearly all positive for the Ab Away Pro. Why? Two reasons...

First, most people say it works their abs more intensely than any other machine they've tried. However, I'd take this comment with a pinch of salt because most people really haven't tried that many alternatives. The second reason it seems popular is comfort. Many ab machines are awkward to use and place strain on the neck and back. While you don't won't to get too comfortable while you exercise, the more natural the movement the more consistently you'll use the piece of equipment. And after all, consistency is the key to results!

All "as seen on TV" products are accompanied with promotional jargon, and the Ab Away Pro is no different in that respect. For example...

The Ab Away Pro uses "reverse ab action technology" to work your midsection. The makers will have you believe that this is somehow revolutionary and much more effective than more conventional ab machines.

Looking beyond the marketing jargon for a moment, the technical term for this "reverse-action" is eccentric muscle contraction. Very simply your abdominal muscles are lengthening while they contract rather than getting shorter. Now, while muscle groups are more powerful during eccentric contraction, there's little evidence to suggest that exercising them eccentrically will speed up your results. What's the important point to remember...

This piece of equipment is popular with its users because the movement is natural and comfortable. You feel the strain on your abs rather than your neck and back.

There are less expensive alternatives -- the Ab Rocket is just one example, and currently it looks like the ab away might be discontinued for good. If new ones are available, this page will get updated