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The Ab Slide Reviewed

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The Ab Slide is similar to the Ab Dolly, Ab Force and Torso Tiger. Perhaps the most well known ab machine due to its extensive promotion, it was one of the original ab machines to use the "sliding bodyweight" method.

The price has dropped dramatically over the last 12 months -- an indication of how over priced it was in the first place. You can now purchase the machine online for under $30, about the same price as the Ab Force and Torso Tiger, and considerably less expensive than the Ab Dolly.

The Ab Slide is simple enough to use but like all ab machines that use this system it won't suit everyone. Very tall or considerably overweight people may find it difficult to use, particularly returning to the starting position.

If you do a bit of research you'll find this poor thing has received mixed customer reviews. Some love the product while others label it as a waste of money. It is generally preferred to the Ab Force because it's easier to maintain balance and glides more smoothly.

One concern is the number of users that report backache during and after using it. A challenge with all these types of ab machines is that considerable strength is required in the stabilizer muscles to keep your body in the correct position. If these muscles are weak to start off with then more strain is placed on your low back.