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The Ab Twister Reviewed

Unlike many ab machines on the market, the Ab Twister allows you to perform several different abdominal exercises. If you have difficulty persisting with exercise equipment the more variation it can offer the better. Machines like the Ab Slide and Ab Force for example can become somewhat monotonous to use, but they are still on the market. Here are some of the exercises you can perform if you can find this product...

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This product provides a very similar workout to the Body by Jake Ab Rocker, but it also includes the ability to work your abs in a twisting motion… A set of handlebars is attached to a padded seat via a large elastic band. Pulling the handles forward works your abdominal muscles. The handlebars also rotate in relation to the seat, so you can work on your side obliques as well. More importantly, it's about $30 less expensive than the Ab Rocker.

It's difficult to find feedback on the Ab Twister. Despite it's demand and popularity, surprisingly few customers have written reviews on their experience with the product. Those I did find all seemed perfectly happy with their purchase...

It's easy to assemble, provides an effective workout on both the abdominals and obliques and is easy to use with a bit of practice. Users liked the seated position as opposed to doing crunches lying down, feeling it placed less strain on their necks.