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Affordable Elliptical Trainers Reviewed>

Not all affordable elliptical trainers are cheap. This review looks at some of the more affordable options...

It's important to remember the difference between "affordable" and "cheap". There are lower priced elliptical trainers than those outlined below, but over the long term they will cost you more in maintenance. Worse still, if it doesn't provide a relatively smooth and comfortable elliptical motion it will simply become an expensive clotheshorse.

Affordable Elliptical Trainers to Consider

As a subsidiary of Icon Fitness (Icon being the parent company of the likes of Reebok, Proform and Weslo) ProForm.com are the best online store for affordable elliptical trainers and are well worth checking out.

Weslo® Momentum 610 Elliptical Trainer
You won't find many elliptical trainers for less than this. It provides both an upper and lower body workout, has a basic LCD display and is economic on space. The resistance isn't as smooth as the more expensive, magnetic systems but it's adequate. Weslo are a subsidiary of Icon Health and Fitness, one of the largest manufacturers in the industry.

ProForm 160 CrossTrainer® Elliptical
Despite being more expensive than the Weslo this is a huge step up. Again it provides an upper and lower body workout and a magnetic resistance system (as opposed to a nylon strap) offers a much smoother feel. The LCD screen displays all the essential readouts such as time, calories burned and also provides 6 pre-set workout programs. Heart rate monitoring comes as standard through two metal plates built on to the upper body arms. The 160 CrossTrainer is also iFit compatible... an innovative system allows custom build workouts via video, CD or the Internet.

ProForm 850 SpaceSaver® Elliptical
This model features an LCD readout screen and is also GameFit compatible so you can plug in your iPod to the onboard sound system. The ProForm 850 features 12 different workouts, as well as a heart rate monitor and 18" stride. This trainer also has two interactive games that get easier as the harder you push. Of course as the name implies you can also fold it up for easy storage.

The "as seen on TV" product that is very popular amongst its users. It's a much more affordable alternative to the traditional elliptical trainers you'd find in a gym. Click above for a full review.

Gazelle Freestyle
This isn't technically an elliptical trainer but the motion is similar. I've listed it here because it's received glowing reviews and is very affordable. Click above for a full review.