Exercise Equipment Review

Upright Exercise Bikes Reviewed

It's generally believed that there are more upright exercise bikes in Western homes than any other type of exercise equipment.

Exercise bikes offer a less stressful form of exercise than running on a treadmill... and at a much more affordable price! Yet despite being a low impact exercise, cycling is still an excellent way to improve your fitness and lose weight.

What do uprights offer that recumbent models don't? Very little other than they more accurately replicate a road bike. And for some this is important. Some people find it harder to push themselves in the laid back position of a recumbent bike. It's also easier to generate more power and speed on an upright bike as gravity is acting directly downwards through your legs.

If you're an experienced road cyclist looking for an alternative for the winter months an upright bike is your best option. If you just want to keep fit you may want to consider a recumbent bike.

The number of upright exercise bikes on the market is incredible. It highlights their popularity but makes buying the right bike a nightmare. It's best to stick to a well-known if for no other reason than to limit the overwhelming choice.

Brands like Welso, Proform, Reebok, Nordik Track and Schwinn are good examples. Having said that, you can often get more for your money if you're willing to try a less well known brand.

Upright Exercise Bikes to Consider

Below is the short list of upright exercise bikes well worth considering.

FitDesk Review
Whether your a workaholic or a Facebook junkie or just somebody trying to make good use of your time, this could be the one for you.

The Phoenix
Upright exercise bikes around the $100 mark tend to be lightweight and uncomfortable. At just $125 this is the cheapest upright exercise bike I could find that has magnetic resistance. Being lighter than more expensive bikes, the Phoenix 99605 is easily moved around - an important consideration if you can't dedicate a place for it at home. The electronic readout is basic but amazingly it does have a hand grip heart rate monitor.
Phoenix 99605 Upright Bike w/Magnetic Resistance

Proform GL105 Exercise Bike
One of the most important features on an exercise bike is the system used to adjust resistance. Lower priced bikes use crude friction mechanisms that compromise the comfort and enjoyment of cycling. Proform GL105 is one of the lowest priced exercise bikes to use a smooth magnetic resistance system (similar to bikes you'd find in a gym). Four workout programs are featured on the electronic console which also displays the usual readouts (calories, time, resistance etc.). Another good feature considering the price is the EKG pulse grip which monitors heart rate without the need for a chest strap. Overall, an excellent bike at a very affordable price and a well known brand as well!

Reebok RT 245 Bike
This is a high quality bike designed to replicate what you'd find in a commercial gym. It features Reebok's electromagnetic resistance system as well as eight preprogrammed workouts. As you'd expect it measure heart rate through the EKG pulse grip and boast a club tech console. Nice extras are the built in workout fan and iFit compatibility (iFit allows you or someone else to custom design workouts via the Internet amongst other things). If you're a more serious exerciser this comes highly recommended