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The Torso Tiger Reviewed

Although the Torso Tiger works your abs and midsection in much the same way as the Ab Slide, Ab Dolly, and Ab Force , it can be easily adjusted to suit all levels of ability. The most common complaint in reviews of other similar ab machines is that they are too difficult for beginners.

This unit comes with resistance/assistance cords that can be adjusted to varying tensions depending on your fitness level. When you roll forward the bands provide resistance and you can only stretch to the length of the bands. Then they support and assist you as you return... just like a rubber band. Tighter bands are easier because they support you more. The stronger you get the less you will need the bands.

This one point makes it a safer, more sensible choice. Unlike the Ab Slide and Ab Force the Torso Tiger also comes with a cushioned kneepad attached. It's not a decision maker but it's an extra feature worth having.

If you are very over weight or particularly tall you may find the Torso Tiger difficult to use. With all these types of ab machines comes the inevitable complaints of backache. Most people have no problem but it's important that you have enough time to try the product at home "risk free".

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Prices vary greatly online. They have dropped considerably over the last few months but some retailers are still selling for $70 and more. AsOnTV.com are hard to beat on price. They also offer that all important 30-day, no questions money back guarantee...