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Smooth Elliptical Trainers Reviewed

If you're in the market for a high quality elliptical machine, Smooth elliptical trainers rank along side the best.

Recognized for their commercial grade treadmills, home gyms and elliptical trainers, Smooth Fitness are one of the most highly regarded companies in the industry. Furthermore, because they sell factory direct and predominantly online, they eliminate the costs of retail sales. Essentially you can buy a club quality piece of exercise equipment without the associated price tag...

Smooth elliptical trainers are unique in that they provide a 3:1 ratio of lower body to upper body resistance. This matches the body's normal ratio of muscle mass and so during a workout the user will fatigue equally with all four limbs (critical for longer fat-burning sessions). Most other manufacturers (Precor, Life Fitness, True, Sports Art) have equal resistance on upper and lower body.

Perhaps most crucially Smooth's warranties lead the industry. If you buy from a retail outlet online or offline you must check that warranty is valid in your state. Not the case with Smooth. Their warranties are valid anywhere in the US and Canada. And they operate a very fair 30day money back guarantee policy on all their goods.

In terms of quality compare Smooth elliptical trainers to the industry leader Precor. Both manufacturers use the highest-grade components and construction methods and while Precor may have the edge, Smooth elliptical trainers are about half the price.

You won't find Smooth elliptical trainers in any Traditional brick and mortar store or indeed any online store. They are available only through the official Smooth fitness website and here is there product breakdown...

Smooth CE 2.0 Elliptical

Smooth CE 2.1 Elliptical

Smooth CE 2.7 Elliptical

Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical

Smooth CE 8.0LC Elliptical